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Month: April 2017

Ep 5 – Why “ALIEN” Is So Great

This is the first film episode of The Dusty Den Podcast, and I hope you enjoy it.  ALIEN is the 1979 Ridley Scott masterpiece that changed the landscape of science-fiction.  It is one of those movies that is re-watchable and has held up magnificently over the last 38 years.  Often touted as a haunted house movie in space, it embodies everything that makes a good story… great characters, fantastic pacing, and an awesome creature!  The alien was designed by H.R. Giger and may be the most memorable sci-fi monster ever.  In this episode I talk about the making of the film and some of the little details that make it stand out as a work of art amongst its contemporaries.  This episode is void of any politics or much philosophy and is just for fun.  Don’t forget to visit the website and give me a rating and review on iTunes.  I would love a donation via PayPal, or Patreon!  You can find the links on the site.  The next 2 episodes will be on Chuck Palahniuk’sFight Club.  Don’t forget to follow me on twitter and keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of the next book we are going to cover.  Thank you so much for your support and please share the show with a friend.

Surviving, and Even Thriving When You’re Always In The Belly of The Beast!

In addition to the upcoming podcasts on ALIEN and Fight Club, I’m doing a short (maybe) bonus episode on dealing with tough situations.  Many of us who are blessed with the ability to reason and let that guide our world view are continuously put in situations in which we are surrounded by others who aren’t and don’t.  Thats a little tongue-in-cheek of course, but in all seriousness, if you champion libertarian or anarchist views of any kind, you are in the minority….putting it lightly.  If you are anti-war these days you especially may find it difficult to interact with those who are not.  Fear, anger, denial, and confusion propped up and perpetuated by mass media will often create major barriers between factual arguments and hyperbolic rhetoric.  Family events, work conversations, seeing old friends…inevitably someone is going to challenge your beliefs and views, particularly if your the lone soul defending your positions.

So what can you do?  I deal with this all the time as I’m sure many of you do.  I have come up with some strategies that help me deal with these situations.  I’m always surrounded be progressives, neocons, and those who simply don’t care, both at work and around family.  Being the ugly duckling doesn’t have to be negative though!  In my bonus podcast next month I am going to talk about how I deal with being that guy.  I have found by approaching situations with a certain mindset and employing a few social strategies you can better enjoy being around others who you disagree with, not come off like a jerk, and just maybe…get someone interested in thinking like a classical liberal if politics or the like becomes the topic of conversation.  It’s hard sometimes to be the ugly duckling with your social and economic views, but remember, you are actually the beautiful swan!  Odds are if you are a libertarian or an anarcho-capitalist or anything similar, you are already battle hardened.  You get it from every angle, I know.  So I would like to do a show dedicated to how I interact with others in a group while enjoying myself, and allow others to do the same.  It should be a fun episode.

Coming Up Next!

Oh yea!  The podcasts on ALIEN and Fight Club are just around the corner!  Keep your eyes peeled.  Make sure and subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode.  Please leave a review and rating to help grow the show!  It’s also time to start thinking about the next book after Fight Club, so tweet me a suggestion!

Ep 4 – The Good and Bad of “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress”

This is a long episode, but it’s all jammed into one podcast.  I promise to cut down on the time in the future.  I discuss some problems and some positives in Robert Heinlein’s, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.  Many hail it as a libertarian masterpiece, but I think it has some issues along side its qualities.  I discuss the free market monopoly myth which is, I believe, an unsound criticism of the book and libertarian economic policies in general, so stick around for the whole show!  Be sure to read this article by Tom Woods and listen to this podcast of his for more on the topic.  Also, definitely check out this video from Thomas DiLorenzo which is excelent.  I also dive into how the book views women, which I have some issues with.  Let me know what you think!  Tell me where I’m wrong, and where you agree.  Next up is a fun episode going over the 1979 film Alien and then onto Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.  That one is going to get controversial so make sure you subscribe and follow me on twitter.