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Month: May 2017

The Next Book Is…….

Animal Farm!

Due to some family issues, the scope of the previously selected book, and a severe 2 week sickness, I decided to go with something quick.  I may combine this with Anatomy Of The State by Rothbard.  The next episode is still going ahead.  Look for the podcast on Animal Farm early next month!

Topic Change

While I still plan on going ahead with the podcast on, “Talking to others,” I am changing the next book we are going to cover.  Propaganda: The Formation Of Men’s Minds, is fantastic work, but I don’t think it will lend itself well to the podcast.  It’s almost too academic.  It would be several episodes long and I just can’t commit that amount of time to one book.  It is worth a read but I warn that it is very technical.  I may use it as a resource for another podcast, but not as a stand alone piece to discuss.  I will keep you posted via twitter and the blog as to what the next work will be.  Thanks!

Ep 6 – “Fight Club,” and Philosophy

Originally, this behemoth of an episode was slated to be a 2 part series.  That plan had to change for a few reasons.  First, the book I am currently reading, Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes is requiring the lion’s share of my focus.  Second, I felt I could trim and cram, to get Fight Club knocked out in one quality episode.  Third, Twin Peaks is returning at the end of the month!  That is mandatory viewing for me folks!  With everything else on my plate something had to give.  I really wanted to get everything out while it was fresh in my mind as well.  I am obliged to inform you, I chiseled this episode down from over 3 hours of audio.  Great big chunks were sent into digital oblivion.  I hope the length at around 1:30 isn’t too laborious.

This episode deals with the philosophies I percieve in the unforgiving Fight Club.  Chuck Palahniuk turned out a cultural phenomenon with his first published novel in 1996.  While many regard Fight Club as simply nihilistic, I offer some different perspectives.  There are some mature themes in this episode, and while I keep it fairly clean, you may want to keep this one away from younger ears.  You can find information about Palahniuk on his Wiki page as well as, and tons of youtube interviews.  Don’t forget to visit the website and give me a rating and review on iTunes.  I would love a donation via PayPal, or Patreon!  You can find the links on the site.  Follow me on twitter for all the latest updates.  I still plan on releasing the bonus episode at the end of the month on dealing with a tough crowd while holding your own.  Thank you to everyone out there listening!