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Month: June 2017

Ep 8 – “Animal Farm” vs “Anatomy of the State”

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Animal Farm is George Orwell’s iconic and quotable Novella, published in 1945, which is the allegorical tale of the rise of communism and the Stalinist, Soviet Union.  It is the tale of a farm taken over by the animals who represent the workers of the soviet era.  They are led by a group of pigs who become the authoritarian master-class.  The book explores the way propaganda is used to control the masses, like when all the animals learn the song, “Beasts of England,” a direct parallel to, “The Internationale.”  There is plenty of direct symbolism in story, including Snowball the pig representing Trotsky, and Napoleon the pig representing Stalin.  You must listen to Kristaps Andrejson’s fantastic podcast, The Eastern Boarder to get a good understanding of the rise and rule of Stalin and the communist regime.  He has two fantastic series in particular relating to the topics discussed, the Red Dawn series, and the Man of Steel series (which just started).  I talk about a lot of this in the episode and do my best to relate it to Murray Rothbard’s essay, Anatomy of the State.  This essay, along with a ton of other material by Rothbard, is available for free at the Mises Institute website, which I highly recommend.  There is a mountain of information available there for anyone interested in libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism, and economics.  Don’t forget to follow me on twitter and subscribe to the show!  Here are also some links if you wish to donate to the show via Patreon or PayPal.  More than anything, thanks for listening!  Please share the show and give me a rating and review on iTunes.

**Also, check out this YouTube series on George Orwell.  It’s very interesting.**

Ep 7 – Getting Your Ideas Through

Here is the episode I promised a while back about arguing and debating when you are in hostile territory, which for an anarchist, is most of the time.  This episode discusses the psychology of conformity and arguing.  I talk about the physiology going on in your brain when you engage in debate under different circumstances and using different strategies.  This topic is close to me because most people I know and interact with definitely do not share my world view.  Why argue?  How should we argue?  What happens when  we argue?  All are questions explored in this episode.  I assert my belief that people have become far too fragile and afraid of debate.  Important topics should be debated, but the exchange of ideas works best under particular conditions.  I reference several sources in this podcast, including The Dangerous History Podcast, episodes 0129, 0109, and 0110 which I highly recommend.  The episode with Jim Cunagin is outstanding.  I also mention a great episode of The Tom Woods Show, episode 913, where he has a conversation with renowned hostage negotiator Chris Voss.  Works from Robert Cialdini, Eric Barker, and philosopher/professor Daniel Cohen are also referenced.

I hope you enjoy this one.  I will be back later this month with something on Animal Farm.  Thank you for your patience and please don’t forget to follow me on twitter.  You can always donate on Patreon or PayPal. Thanks for checking out The Dusty Den, and please subscribe on your favorite platform and leave me a rating and review in iTunes.