Welcome to The Dusty Den!

     The Dusty Den is a book club discussing literature from classic to modern.  Anything from time tested novels to philosophical essays can be read and debated here.  It’s more than just a book club, it’s an online community where we can discuss anything.  Politics, film, print, and popular culture all have a place in The Dusty Den.  Debate is welcome and encouraged in The Den, but always in a respectful manner.  Interact on the blog or twitter!

What is the format here?  What will we read?

     Format is something that will be forming more as we go.  For now, I will select a book and post about it as we read it, usualy in a few blog entries, but sometimes in a single one.  The comments can carry indefinitely for now.  When it’s time to move on to the next piece of work I’ll post up what it will be.  Be prepared for plenty of random posts and gear shifting.  As the format becomes more solidified this page will be updated to reflect what is actualy taking place.  Now, most everything is covered via podcast, but there will be an occasional stand-alone blog post as well..

     We can read anything!  Below I will list a few works that may be covered.  It is certainly just a very small sample, in no particular order,  and subject to change.  It should give you an idea.

Watership DownThe Revolution by Ron Paul, Animal FarmThe PearlThe Fountainhead, The Catcher in the RyeEconomics in One Lesson, Brave New World, The Miracle Morning, anything by Raymond Chandler, All the Pretty Horses, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Odyssey, work by Philip K. Dick, Jack London, James Ellroy, etc…

     The list is infinite, ever-changing, and will include, plays, essays, films, and whatever else we want to talk about!

     I will be your host!

      I am your gracious host Joshua.  Since you’re in my den, I must lay down a few ground rules and disclaimers.  I am a lover of liberty and freedom, but I rule my domain here as emperor supreme.

 – I reserve the right to moderate as I see fit at any time.

 – I am always open to suggestion.

 – Any comments that contain excessive cursing or a general lack of respect towards another individual poster will be deleted.

 – I am an Anarchist, and as such much of my analysis, and some of the book choices, will reflect my own political and social bias.  Please do not let that keep you from participating and commenting on anything!  This is a place for anyone.

 – Please request literature for us to read and review!

 – The more interaction and the more we can grow the community here the better.

 – Have a great time and don’t be afraid to go against the grain and challenge the analysis of what we are reading.

     Just a few quick personal things about me.  I’m a 38 year old, circa 1979, man living in Northern Virginia.  In that 38 years I have managed to obtain a degree in English Literature with a specific concentration in non-fiction writing and editing.  I was minoring in film studies, but wisely choses to work instead of taking more classes.  My collegiate years were not spent in a dorm, but commuting back and forth from a local university while working various jobs including working at a book store, making pizzas, loading tractor trailers for a delivery company with brown trucks, and probably a few others I can’t remember.  I am a family man who has been blessed with the best wife and children on earth as well as an amazing extended family.  I have had the same career for the last 13 years.  I love to read and talk about books, politics, film, trades, self improvement, philosophy, and anything else fun and interesting.  I would like to thank you deeply for taking the time to visit The Dusty Den.