In this episode I talk to the host of the awesome Dangerous History PodcastCJ.  We discuss the super cool sci-fi-western novel, Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future, by the prolific Mike Resnick.  This was a recommendation from CJ and I really enjoyed it.  We talk about the genre in general, how it relates to people with a certain worldview, the writing prowess of Mike Resnick, the power of myth and legend, and the storyline of Santiago, with analysis of several characters and plot points.  SPOILER WARNING.  We do talk about several things which could spoil some surprise factors in the novel, so “listener beware.”  Mike Resnick’s bibliography is substantial.  In the show we gloss over some highlights, but to really grasp the scope of his work you need to read about him.  We reference an interview done by Joshua Sky at Futurism, and it’s definitely worth a read.  Also discussed, are some interviews with John Carpenter (links below), the horror and hard-boiled genres, westerns like High Noon, and the films of Clint Eastwood and director Sergio Leone.  It was a blast talking with CJ!  Make sure you check out The Dangerous History Podcast and follow him on twitter.


Joshua Sky Interview with Mike Resnick

John Carpenter – Masters of Horror Interview

John Carpenter – Fangoria’s Screamography Interview

Once Upon a Time in the West Clip

Gary Cooper throws his badge in the dirt

The Dangerous History Podcast Website

CJ on Twitter


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