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Ep 1 – “The Trial,” and “Kafkaesque” Pt.1

This episode focuses on the term, “Kafkaesque,” and talks a little about, “The Trial,” and the nature of bureaucracies. The term is often not used in the correct way, but, like other terms, can be somewhat subjective. We dabble ever so slightly in current politics, discussing current remarks by people who lie to you, and the sudden outrage the masses have now that the lies come from a direction they don’t like. Referenced in this podcast are two great videos on the terms “Orwellian” and “Kafkaesque.” I also mention a work by Michael Löwy, a quote from director Terry Gilliam, and Max Brod’s biographical work on Franz Kafka.  This is my maiden voyage into podcasting and I hope you enjoy it!  It is only going to get better. This is Part 1 of a 2 part podcast.  Thanks for listening, and checking out The Dusty Den.

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  1. Joshua

    March 5, 2017 at 10:39 pm

    Never mind that I say, “posthumous” incorrectly several times. I write it correctly, but mispronounce it every time! A Hard habit for me to break!…ha ha… enjoy.

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